Soy-Soy's Spill Over.

Soyna/Albedosreqium Here!!

Gay porn
Final Fantasy 7
Attack on Titan
A little bit of this Night Vale
And whatever amuses me at the moment.

... what could be better than this combination.

There will be unbetaed sneak peaks to fan fictions that I am working on.

All this is silly stuff really as not to be taken seriously. Really, this is all for fun and that is all. This is what amuses me and so forth.

I sometimes roleplay as bitchy Smoky off this blog... so if you are a roleplay as her. A crazy grey chocobo who wants greens.

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Dark Nation -- ask blog of my favorite beasty
Devon Callin -- a role play blog of a bastard that hates Shinra and Shin-Ra.
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